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A selection (1from8) of pieces from PLN 27 - JAN 2016: "Not Flourishing" Sazio Inagaki to Jack Austin in 1971.
A selection (2from8) of pieces from PLN 26 - OCT 2015: Horai. Shaking the Dharma World Rev Haiso Inagaki. The Melting Duck Egg Meditation DGR)
A selection (1from8) of pieces from PLN 25 - JULY 2015: Bodhisattvas Abounding Steve Lane
A selection (5from9) of pieces from PLN 24 - APR 2015: On the Rewads of Doing Nothing Marcus Cumberledge. Ananda's Shinjin Shaku Kekai. Existence & Reality & Mystery of the Nembutsu Steve Lane. The Earth and the Tree DGR. En Mei Juku Kannon Gyo DGR
A selection (4from8) of pieces from PLN 23 - JAN 2015: PLN23 Editorial DGR. Book Review. Title: Listening to the Light, Author: Jim Pym. Suffering- and - How Lucky I Am Steve Lane.
A selection (4from7) of pieces from PLN22 - OCT 2014: PLN22 Editorial DGR. Message on Retirement Ohtani Koshin, Monshu, Jodo Shinshu, Hongwanji-ha. Succesion of Jodo Shinshu Tradition Ohtani Kojun, Monshu, Jodo Shinshu, Hongwanji-ha. I Bite my Nails Steve Lane

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